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Biotech entrepreneurs work hard to develop next-generation treatments, healthy and sustainable foods, and a range of other biobased products. In their dedication to heal, fuel, and feed the world, they are the true superheroes of our time. Being a biotech superhero requires exceptional skills. The BioBusiness Masterclass teaches you to develop your entrepreneurial superpowers. The BioBusiness Masterclass 2017 starts as soon as 16 students have registered.
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Who should participate?
The BioBusiness Masterclass is a hands-on training course that develops the professional and personal capabilities of entrepreneurial professionals in biotech. Whether you’re in the process of starting a biotech company, or working towards a management position within an established organization, the masterclass allows you to kick-start your career.

The teachers
More than 40 seasoned life sciences entrepreneurs, experienced lecturers, and professional coaches contribute to the masterclass.

In addition to sharing their knowledge, the teachers are available to answer your questions. As a result, participating in the BioBusiness Masterclass grants you access to a valuable and experienced biotech network.

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I think we need experienced people to educate scientists about start-ups. Fortunately, the BioBusiness Masterclass from HollandBIO features a lot of training in this field.”   Markwin Velders, VP Operations Kite Pharma.

The Masterclass modules

The Masterclass offers six distinctive 2.5 day modules. Each module consists of an opening night featuring the lecture of a biotech entrepreneur, followed by two full course days focusing on a specific business element essential for product development in the life sciences: either business skills, personal effectiveness or business plan development. The module finance, for example, teaches you how to convince potential investors of your business plan. During the module on leadership, you’ll find the management style that enables you to achieve your goals. Other modules include business planning, intellectual property rights, and business development.

 Together with my peer students, coaches and professional lecturers, I brought the business plan of Toxys to the next level. The Business Masterclass is a ‘Must-Do’ for all starting entrepreneurs in the life sciences.” 

Giel Hendriks, Toxys. Winner of the BioBusiness Masterclass Award 2o15

The participants work in groups to develop their business cases during the BioBusiness Masterclass. The finale of the Masterclass is the presentation of the business cases to a jury of experts. The most promising start-up with the best business plan receives the BioBusiness Masterclass Award.

The costs for participating the BioBusiness Masterclass are € 6,750 for starters (employees of a company with less than six full-time employees, or participants who bring in a business plan). For non-starters the costs are € 9,350.

These costs are excluding Dutch VAT. The costs include all study materials, meals, and overnight stays at the training facilities of De Baak Seaside.

HollandBIO members receive a discount of €600 on the registration fee! More information about the HollandBIO members and membership is available at www.hollandbio.nl.

Download the BioBusiness Masterclass registration form at www.hollandbio.nl and in case 16 students are registerd, a novel Masterclass will be initiated.

For more detailed information on the previous programm, please visit the:
Masterclass Module page. 

The BioBusiness Masterclass is organized by HollandBIO and Recourt Life Sciences. HollandBIO is the Dutch biotech industry association that connects, supports, and represents 125 medical, agro-food, and industrial biotech companies. Our members are active in all phases of research and development and include all company sizes: start-ups, SMEs, listed companies, and multinationals. Together, we strive for a society that fully harnesses the power of biotechnology in health, food, and sustainability.

For more information about the BioBusiness Masterclass, please contact HollandBIO’s Wouter Strijker:

e: wouter.strijker@hollandbio.nl

t: +31 70 337 8764

m: +31 6 1005 9456

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